Dimitri Vanoverbeke

Dimitri Vanoverbeke

dimitri.vanoverbeke @ kuleuven.be

Japanese Studies, Leuven
Blijde-Inkomststraat 21 - box 3318
3000 Leuven
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Dimitri Vanoverbeke has a PhD from Leuven University (Belgium) and is a professor in Japanese Studies at the department of Area Studies at Leuven University.

He is director of the Research Unit (Department) of Area Studies there and also coordinates the Europe-Asia: Interactions and Comparisons module of the Master of Arts in European Studies: Transnational and Global Perspectives (MAES) at the KU Leuven.  He is the executive director of the Double Degree EU-Japan Multidisciplinary Master (EU-JAMM) program involving four Japanese and six European universities.

He was trained at the graduate school of Tokyo University's law faculty (socio-legal studies) and was associate professor at Kyushu University (1995-1998). He has been a guest professor at Tokyo University's Social Science Institute and university of Lyon III (Jean Moulin) and is regularly lecturing and conducting research at Kyushu University and Kobe University.

Latest Publication
Research Description: 

His research deals with judicial policymaking, the function of legal institutions and the relationship between law, politics and society in modern and contemporary Japan as well as with regional cooperation in East Asia.

Recent book-publications include:  (2015). Juries in the Japanese Legal System: The Continuing Struggle for Citizen Participation and Democracy, London: Routledge (Asian Law Series); (2014). The Changing Role of Law in Japan: Empirical Studies in Culture, Society and Policy Making (Vanoverbeke, D., Ed., Maesschalck, J., Ed., Nelken, D., Ed, Parmentier, S., Ed.), Edward Elgar Publishers; (2013). EU-Japan Relations, 1970-2012: From Confrontation to Global Partnership. (Vanoverbeke, D., Ed., Keck, J., Ed., Waldenberger, F., Ed.). London: Routledge.

Global Constitutionalism in East Asia (Cambridge University press, forthcoming 2017)

The participation of the citizen in the criminal justice procedure: modern and contemporary

The relation between modern Japan and Belgium: first focus: the making of the Meiji Constitution and Belgian constitutionalism; second focus: the first modern prisons and juvenile institutions in Meiji Japan and the example from Belgium

Translation project (with prof. Okazaki Seiki, Kyushu University) David Van Reybrouck; Tegen Verkiezingen

Death-penalty  in modern and contemporary Japan: first focus on the discourse around 1907-8 when the Penal Code was enacted; second focus on the influence of the saiban’in on the death penaly today