November 2009: Second EU Workshop

November 2009: Second EU Workshop

April 2008 saw the start of the Kansai University Program for EU-Japanology Education and Research (PEJER). Supported by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology, the program envisions reform of Kansai University’s graduate school program. It equally promotes academic exchange on the basis of the Kansai University Japan-EU Research Center at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, established on the 120th anniversary of Kansai University.

As part of the program, workshops are organized twice yearly to offer young Japanese Studies researchers a forum to present their findings, benefit from critique and discussion, and network with their colleagues. The first of these was the Japanese-language KU Workshop held at Kansai University in July 2008, which was followed by a second edition in July 2009. The English-language EU Workshop first took place over three days at the Catholic University of Leuven in 2008. Its current second edition builds on the success of the KU Workshops in the hopes of further strengthening academic ties between young Japanese Studies scholars in Japan and Europe.

All EU Workshop lectures may be attended free of charge. 

Day 1: Opening Lectures and opening ceremony
3 November, 13h to 18h30
Location: Jubileumzaal, 2nd Floor of the University Hall, Leuven

Robert F. Wittkamp, Professor, Course of German Language and Literature, Kansai University
“A Look at the Poem Exchange between Yakamochi and Ienushi-
Writing Games and Memory in the Waka Collection Man’yōshū-”

David De Cooman, Research Assistant, PhD student, Catholic University of Leuven
“Naming Issues in Japan: Status and Challenges”

Tokuro Yamamoto, Professor, Course of Japanese Language and Literature, Kansai University
“Japanese Tale Literature and Kaimami”

Day 2: Presentations by students
4 November, 9h30 to 18h
Location: PC room A and B, Ground Floor of the Erasmushuis, Faculty of Arts, Leuven

Presentations by young Japanese Studies researchers. See the full schedule

Day 3: Fieldwork
5 November, all day
Locations: Leuven and Brussels

Visits to various museums and other locations in Leuven and Brussels. For EU Workshop participants and Japanese Studies students only.

Over twenty participants, associated mainly with Japan's Kansai University and Belgium's Catholic University of Leuven, will present their research findings and discuss their methodology over the course of two days.

Lynn Van Acoleyen (MA student, Catholic University of Leuven)
Meiko Chikazumi (MA student, Kansai University)
Mariko Fukuba (MA student, Kansai University)
Fusako Kozuki (PhD student, Kansai University)
Sam Mallems (MA student, Catholic University of Leuven)
Ellen Neckebroeck (MA student, Catholic University of Leuven)
Tomoko Omukai (MA student, Kansai University)
Robert Phoenix (MA student, Catholic University of Leuven)
Madoka Sakiyama (PhD student, Kansai University)
Chihiro Takehara (MA student, Kansai University)
Harue Tonari (MA student, Kansai University)
Yoji Tsuji (MA student, Kansai University)
Akifumi Yamaguchi (PhD student, Kansai University)